This is a splendid article. Volumes could be written about all the points you presented. It is beyond belief what has been eliminated under the banner and guise of "noble simplicity" Maranatha

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I hope you may some day be appointed to the very necessary but still to be to be created office of Inspector Liturgicus Maximus totius mundi Latini!

An excellent and liturgically speaking life-saving article. Thank you very much!

‘No one has more courageously and luminously called out the spiritually dessicating bureaucratization of the Church than Bishop Athanasius Schneider[ …].’

What a gift of the Holy Ghost! (This is the first time that I have seen him in this light.)

Suggestion from personal experience: in order to get ‹desiccate› (q. v. infra) right, think like me of ‹siccus›.

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While I read your article I thought this is what I long for when I enter the church for mass. If only I had the ability to see this even once , my heart is in tears right now, but if I could experience this I might not stop crying for weeks after. There would never be any question of who God is and how we would live our lives when experiencing the true Holy worship of our God here while on earth. Thank you for writing this.

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Ah, yes, the bureaucratic, synodal and seemingly Godless culture of the hierarchy has seeped into the lay leadership. In my diocese, yet another series of planning sessions is underway to create "thriving (Novus Ordo) parishes" by "making best use of limited resources" -- the bishop's code words for "Mass attendance has tanked, vocations are down, the priests are overworked, and something's got to give."

The number one priority for our lay diocesan leaders (all Novus Ordo) appears to be reducing priests' workloads by having fewer Masses and more deacon-led "communion services", baptisms, weddings and even funerals! So much for solemn worship. Also, they strongly resent the diocesan TLM, celebrated in a Novus Ordo parish (until the dispensation from Rome expires), as it takes up a Sunday NO Mass time slot. They asked, "Why can't the TLM community have its Mass on Saturday morning?" Synodal wrangling, indeed.

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"Byzantine envy" is real. I swam the Tiber from Orthodoxy eleven years ago and it took a while (and immersion in the TLM) to get over it.

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