Tradition & Sanity is devoted to big themes—faith, reason, culture, fine arts, theology, spirituality, liturgy—all from a traditional Catholic perspective. If you’ve ever seen my work at OnePeterFive or New Liturgical Movement, or looked at books such as Reclaiming Our Roman Catholic Birthright and The Once and Future Roman Rite, you know the sorts of topics I delve into and why they are important for all of us—not only Catholics, but anyone who appreciates the inheritance of Christendom and Western civilization from Homer and the Presocratics down to Arvo Pärt and Benedict XVI.

Here is a place where words will not be minced as we lovingly dwell on, and pugnaciously defend, the Word made flesh and the treasures He has given to His Church over the past 2,000 years (or 3,000, because the Church inherits the promises and fulfills the sacrifices of the Chosen People).

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A brief bio

I am a Thomist, liturgical scholar, and choral composer who graduated from Thomas Aquinas College with a B.A. in liberal arts and earned an M.A. and Ph.D. in philosophy at The Catholic University of America. I taught for seven and a half years at the International Theological Institute in Austria and for the Franciscan University of Steubenville's Austria Program, then helped establish Wyoming Catholic College in 2006, where I taught philosophy, theology, music, and art history until 2018, and directed the choir and schola. Since 2018 I’ve been a full-time writer and speaker, contributing regularly to blogs, magazines, and newspapers. I’ve published (as writer or editor) about twenty books, and my work has been translated so far into about twenty languages. I am, to this day, an avid singer of Gregorian chant and polyphony, and a composer of sacred music.

I run a few websites:

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Essays and commentary from Dr. Kwasniewski on rite and reason, cultus and culture—eschewing political and ecclesiastical "correctness" in favor of the sanity, sanctity, and splendor of Catholic tradition


Peter Kwasniewski 

Writer, speaker, editor, publisher, composer; former professor of philosophy, theology, music, and art history.